What’s New At IMAGIA?

Follow the latest news and announcements from Imagia.

What’s New At IMAGIA?

Follow the latest news and announcements from Imagia.

February 21, 2019 – Le journal les affaires – IN FRENCH

« L’intelligence artificielle va rendre le système de santé méconnaissable… et c’est tant mieux »

Depuis des centaines d’années, on regroupe tous les gens malades, blessés et mourants à un seul et même endroit pour leur prodiguer des soins faute de ressources : l’hôpital. De nos jours, ce sont moins les ressources qui manquent, que la volonté de changer les façons de faire afin d’offrir des soins sur-mesure là où se trouvent les patients.

Photo: Olympus


dEcember 5, 2018 – press release

The Government of Canada invests in artificial intelligence and creates close to 1,000 middle-class jobs

Six Montréal-based companies to scale up and expand into new markets.

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting Canada’s high growth-potential businesses to innovate, to increase their productivity and competitiveness, and to access new markets, thereby contributing to the economic growth of regions, job creation and a better quality of life for Canadians.


november 23, 2018 – Press Release

Christie Innomed & Imagia Pioneer Advanced AI Capabilities for Hospital Systems to bring Automated Value Creation

Christie Innomed, a leading Enterprise Imaging provider in Canada and Artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider Imagia, have entered into a collaborative agreement. Our common objective is to mobilize relevant scientific and clinical expertise, bring artificial intelligence capabilities to major international hospitals and accelerate the potential for AI-driven healthcare solutions.

november 21, 2018 – Forbes Magazine

AI Innovators: Radiology Startup Puts The Power Of AI In The Hands Of Physicians

Imagia teams with pharma, diagnostic, and interventional medical device companies to co-develop healthcare AI products and drive the future of personalized healthcare around the world.

Evidens is Imagia’s collaborative AI ecosystem led by clinicians that will accelerate the discovery of new AI biomarkers. By federating anonymized biomarker data from multiple hospitals and providing a ready-to-use infrastructure for applying AI to that data, Imagia hopes to augment the work of physicians as they strive for improved disease prediction and novel treatments.

novembEr 2018 – Deloitte Report

Google’s Economic Impact

After extensive software architecture and technology research, the team developed Imagia’s Evidens platform using TensorFlow, Google’s open source machine learning framework, and other key AI tools. “Google’s Cloud MLE allows us to effortlessly run large ensemble learning methods and multiple AI models in concert, making it easy for clinicians to drive the discovery of AI biomarkers while addressing potential limited machine learning expertise,” said Florent Chandelier, chief technology officer at Imagia.

october, 9 2018 – La Presse – In French Only

L’intelligence artificielle contre le cancer

Portrait de Tanya Nair, chercheure en apprentissage machine chez Imagia.

« On a ici une équipe multidisciplinaire formée entre autres d’informaticiens, de mathématiciens et de programmeurs, dit-elle. On collabore aussi avec des cliniciens sur le terrain pour bien cerner les problématiques à aborder. »


March 6, 2018 – communiqué

Clinician-friendly ai enables personalized healthcare discoveries in the cloud

Researchers at the McGill University Health Center are developing new early diagnostics solutions to deliver better integrated care in personalized medicine, by non-invasively assessing the molecular and clinical characteristics of lung tumors from routine clinical images, an emerging field known as radiomics. “In today’s complex healthcare environment, the development of quantitative biomarkers in cancer imaging is revolutionizing predictive medicine,” said McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Chair of Diagnostic Radiology and Professor Dr. Benoit Gallix.

may 7, 2018 – press release

Olympus Announces Co-Development
Agreement with AI4GI

Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced its co-development agreement with AI4GI, a commercial joint venture between Satis Operations and Imagia. Their Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for real-time clinical decision support during screening and surveillance colonoscopy procedures will be exclusively offered by Olympus America Inc. (OAI). This co-development agreement is intended to raise the bar for all physicians to ultimately improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients. 

march 26, 2018 – press release

Artificial intelligence applied to oncology:
Quebec grants its first
$3 million to Imagia

The Government of Québec awards, through the BioMed Propulsion program, a $ 3 million loan to Imagia to support an artificial intelligence project applied to personalized healthcare.

« We are proud to be the first AI Healthcare company to receive this funding. It sends a clear message about the importance of supporting both research and local industry. This collaborative ecosystem between industry and research will maintain and attract the talent specialized in AI in Québec.»

Alexandre Le Bouthillier,
Ph.D., co-founder of Imagia

February 15, 2018 – La Presse – In French

Imagia: traiter le cancer grâce à l’intelligence artificielle

L’INNOVATION: utiliser l’intelligence artificielle, plus précisément l’apprentissage profond, pour diagnostiquer les cancers et surtout prédire quel traitement personnalisé sera le plus efficace.


February 8, 2018 – press release

In vivo science and artificial intelligence join forces to advance tools in cancer treatment and management

It will become easier to discover imaging biomarkers and identify digital surrogates for modern end-points in personalized therapies, thanks to a partnership between Sylvain Meloche – Principal Investigator within the signaling and cell growth research unit at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC)  along with his team, and Imagia, an AI-driven personalized healthcare company.

February 6, 2018 – La Presse – In French

Intelligence artificielle et santé: le rêve devient réalité dans les labos du Québec

Accélérer le diagnostic médical grâce à l’intelligence artificielle. Un rêve lointain ? Pas du tout. Des chercheurs québécois ont déjà réalisé des pas de géant dans le domaine en jumelant leurs efforts à ceux d’entreprises spécialisées.



november 15, 2017 – communiqué

Imagia completes acquisition
of Cadens Medical Imaging

Imagia, a Montreal-based healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company developing radiomics biomarkers and clinical decision support systems, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Cadens Medical Imaging (Cadens), a technology leader in medical imaging software.

“This strategic transaction will significantly accelerate Imagia’s mission of delivering AI-driven accessible personalized healthcare solutions,” said Frédéric Francis, CEO of Imagia.

February 3, 2017 – CB Insights

Imagia has been named among the top AI healthcare startup companies in the world

The number of startups entering the healthcare AI space has increased in recent years, with over 50 companies raising their first equity rounds since January 2015. Deals to healthcare-focused AI startups went up from less than 20 in 2012 to nearly 70 in 2016. Imagia is one of the top companies listed by CBInsights.

February 26, 2017 – Radio-Canada – In French

Présentation d’Imagia dans un documentaire avec les trois fondateurs de l’apprentissage profond

À l’émission Découverte: L’intelligence artificielle. Comment les ordinateurs arrivent-ils, aujourd’hui, à voir et décrire ce qui les entoure? À lire, parler, comprendre et prédire l’évolution de nos maladies? Comment ces machines intelligentes pourront-elles cohabiter avec les humains?