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Montreal, QC, March 6, 2018 — Precision medicine is driving innovations in cancer therapy.  Molecules are being designed to target specific genetic mutations and immunologic characteristics of a given tumor. However widespread adoption has been slow, in part to due to a lack of accessible testing for patients.

Researchers at The McGill University Health Center are developing new early diagnostics solutions to deliver better integrated care in personalized medicine, by non-invasively assessing the molecular and clinical characteristics of lung tumors from routine clinical images, an emerging field known as radiomics. “In today’s complex healthcare environment, the development of quantitative biomarkers in cancer imaging is revolutionizing predictive medicine,” said McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Chair of Diagnostic Radiology and Professor Dr. Benoit Gallix.

In an initial investigation, researchers used Imagia’s Evidens platform for lung cancer patients, leveraging computed tomography (CT) to evaluate if pre-biopsy imaging data contained information predictive of pathology results. They identified image characteristics that may be used to construct an imaging biomarker and will assess the potential to inform clinicians early in the patient journey in a future study.

Imagia, collaborating with Google Cloud, is transforming the way researchers can investigate disease characterization, progression and treatment response. “Now with the combination of Imagia and Google Cloud Platform’s capabilities, clinical researchers are able to refocus their efforts where discoveries may have the greatest clinical benefit for patients.” said MUHC Radiology Assistant Professor Dr. Jaron Chong. Leveraging Google Cloud machine learning, Imagia delivers Deep Radiomics workflows that automatically extract imaging context at a scale not technically feasible before and alleviates the complexity of deep learning for non-AI experts.

“Imagia’s Evidens is an exciting and promising AI platform that allows clinical researchers to undertake radiomics discoveries,” said Imagia CTO Florent Chandelier, “delivering end-to-end frictionless experiences that are focused on patient & disease outcomes and that scale seamlessly through our innovative Deep Radiomic solution.”

About Imagia

Imagia is an AI-driven personalized healthcare company, enabling collaborative development of predictive biomarkers. Our Evidens platform unites deep learning expertise and clinical insights on federated patient data from partnering hospitals & AI research institutions. We are delivering impactful solutions to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. With an initial focus on personalized oncology, Imagia pursues its mission to leverage advances in artificial intelligence to accelerate accessible personalized medicine.

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