Imagia is becoming the indispensable AI healthcare partner for pharma, medical devices and clinical providers. We are developing an AI collaboration ecosystem and commercial partnerships necessary to power discovery & clinical adoption, and deliver high-impact products and services for personalized healthcare.


Imagia is becoming the indispensable AI healthcare partner for pharma, medical devices and clinical providers. We are developing an AI collaboration ecosystem and commercial partnerships necessary to power discovery & clinical adoption, and deliver high-impact products and services for personalized healthcare.

Our Story

The story of how Imagia came to be is deeply personal for Imagia’s co-founder, Alexandre Le Bouthillier who wanted to turn his personal loss to cancer into something positive.

He founded Imagia with his long-time friend Nicolas Chapados by combining their extensive knowledge of AI and optimization, learned in their previous successful venture, to improve the future of medicine.

The pair, in collaboration with Professor Yoshua Bengio, the world-renowned co-father of deep learning, recruited a team of entrepreneurs, research scientists, developers, and clinical experts. They began exploring applications in computer vision and the quantitative mapping of clinical information to bring the power of deep learning to digitized health data and the company Imagia was born.



What we do

Founded in 2015, Imagia is an Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare company, with activities in medical devices and interventional procedures, imaging and diagnostics, personal health and disease management. 

We deliver AI healthcare to our B2B partners, as R&D solutions, digital health products, or fully regulated software-as-
medical-devices validated through our ISO13485 MDSAP certified quality system.

Imagia developed EVIDENS, a unique and collaborative, knowledge-based ecosystem that pairs artificial intelligence with clinical expertise to accelerate access to personalized healthcare.

Imagia’s initial focus has been on clinical solutions for personalized oncology. We are expanding our research into other therapeutic areas with high burden of disease and significant unmet needs like neurodegenerative diseases.

Imagia is able to address data-related value challenges and is expanding the scope of what is possible by putting clinical experts in the driver seat and enabling them to develop the AI solutions that best address needs.

Our team is made up of AI and healthcare industry experts, including MDs, with expertise in both AI research and development, and clinical patient management. We also engage with a significant number of international collaborators and interns from countries across the globe.

Our Mission | Our Values

Imagia’s mission is to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and accelerate the advent of accessible personalized medicine.

We believe that synergies between academia, institutions and commercial partners are a critical success factor in the quest towards precision medicine.

Our achievements

January 2015
Long-time friends Alexandre Le Bouthillier and Nicolas Chapados launch Imagia, supported by one of the three fathers of deep learning, Prof Yoshua Bengio.

February 2017
Imagia ranks as one of the world’s best AI start-ups transforming healthcare according to CBInsights.

November 2017
Imagia acquires Cadens Imaging.

February 2018
Imagia enters into a partnership agreement with Sciences In Vivo and the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC).

March 2018
The Government of Quebec, through the BioMed Propulsion program, grants Imagia a $3 million loan.

May 2018
Imagia enters into a collaborative agreement with Olympus, through AI4GI, for the exclusive development of an AI solution for real-time clinical decision support during screening and colonoscopy surveillance procedures.

November 2018
Google’s mentioned Imagia in the annual report of its economic impact in Canada.

Imagia concludes a collaborative agreement with Christie Innomed.

December 2018
Imagia receives funding from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED).


Alexandre Le Bouthillier, Chief operating officer (COO) -- Imagia

Co-founder AND
Chief Corporate Officer

Le Bouthillier

Co-founder of Planora (acquired by Red Prairie).

Member of the board of directors of MILA, IVADO, MEDTEQ, Montréal InVivo.

Vice President, Science & Technology, RedPrairie.

20 years of experience on IT  for hospitals, space agencies and cities.

Ph.D. in Parallel
Computing and Optimization,
University of Montreal.

Frederic Francis, Chief executive officer -- Imagia

President and
Chief executive officer


CEO, Harmonic Medical; Founder and CEO,
Resonant Medical
(acquired by Elekta);
Co-founder & VP technology, Lateral Logic
(now CM-Labs & Oryx).

Over 18 years of experience in medical imaging and image-guided clinical solutions.

BSc. in Physics,
McGill University.

Florent Chandelier, Chief technology officer (CTO) -- Imagia

Chief Technology


Technical Director,
Cadens Medical Imaging.

Member of the International Council of Canada in Intellectual Property.

12 years of experience
in AI and medical imaging.

Master of Medicine in Medical Imaging, Université Paris-Sud.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Université de Sherbrooke.

Geralyn Ochab, Chief Business Officer (CBO) -- Imagia

Chief Business


Formerly: Executive
Business Manager, Toshiba.

National Sales and Marketing Manager, Ultrasound,
GE Healthcare.

Director, Clinical
Business Development, Resonant Medical.

General Manager,
Life Imaging Systems.

20 years of experience in medical imaging.

10 years of clinical
ultrasound experience.

Co-founder and
Chief AI Scientist


Co-founder & CSO ElementAI

Co-founder, ApSTAT Technologies, a machine learning consulting company.

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, École Polytechnique de Montréal.

20 years of AI experience

Ph.D., Machine Learning with Prof. Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal.

Yoshua Bengio -- Imagia



Recipient of the Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Officer, Order of Canada.

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, University of Montreal.

Canadian Research Chair in Statistical Learning, CIFAR Fellow, NSERC/Ubisoft Industrial Research Chair.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, McGill University;
Post-Doctorate at MIT
and AT&T Bell Labs.

John Ford

Former chairman
AND senior Advisor

John C. Ford

Pioneer in radiotherapy at Varian as they became a leader in cancer care. Involved with emergent tech: 1st High-Speed 3rd Gen CT, 1st Phased Array Ultrasound, Dual Energy Linac, Multi-Leaf Collimator, IMRT, Stereotactic Radio-Surgery, Microwave Hyperthermia, HDR Brachytherapy, Dosimetry, IGRT & IGPT planning.

Formerly: Accelerated
Proton Care Founder; Varian Senior VP & Senior Scientist; RAD Technology CEO & Chairman; 
Resonant Medical Chairman

Ph.D. Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Chairman of the
Board of Directors


Co-founder & Partner, Amplitude Ventures.

Board member,
Profound Medical.

Partner, BDC Healthcare Venture Fund;
Investment Manager, CDPQ; CEO & Founder, Clinipar;
VP & Founder, JINPAR Labs; Director, Clementia Pharma, Milestone Pharma,

M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences, University of Montréal.

MBA, HEC Montréal.


Vice President – Corporate
and Public Affairs


Over 20 years experience in global healthcare at Merck.

Leadership roles in strategy, marketing, government, stakeholder engagement & mobilization.

Expertise in commercial, access and reimbursement, biomarkers & diagnostics.

Broad therapeutic experience including oncology, neuroscience, metabolics and cardiovascular disease.

Alzheimer Society, Executive Committee – Vice President.



Vice Chair Operations and Quality, University of Cincinnati Department of Radiology

Chair, American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria

Former Chair/ Chief, Department of Radiology – University of Ottawa

Former Chair, ACR Metrics Committee

Authored over 300 peer-review publications

Kamran Kafi, Director of clinical strategy and oncology -- Imagia

Director – Oncology
and Clinical Strategy


Specialist in immunology, oncology and radiotherapy.

Author of multiple peer-reviewed publications and patent holder in targeted immunotherapy and oncology vaccines.

Early work on co-stimulation and control point inhibitors.

Researcher in cancer immunology at UCLA.

Medicine at McGill University.

Jonathan Kanevsky, Director of clinical innovation -- Imagia

Director –
Clinical Innovations


Specialist in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

Authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and patents in the field of surgical procedures and AI applications in healthcare.

Recipient of the Merck Frosst Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovation.

Resident at McGill University.