This past quarter, members of our Imagia Leadership team spoke at conferences across Europe and Canada, demonstrating how we’re “Prescribing AI. Improving Lives.” Here are insights from our time away.

I. Intelligent Health

  • Intelligent Health, September 12th, Basel, Switzerland
  • Speaker: Geralyn Ochab, Chief Business Officer
  • “AI for Digital Biomarker Discovery”

“All of these initiatives at Imagia are so we can move precision medicine into the AI-driven-digital-age, and make fully personalized healthcare a reality.”

Chief Business Officer Geralyn Ochab presented at one of the leading artificial intelligence and medicine summits highlighting Imagia’s work using AI for Biomarker Discovery. Here Ochab spoke about Imagia’s medical solutions, including our real-time prediction for malignancy on colon polyps. She also touched on Imagia’s over 20 IRB approved Digital Biomarker discovery projects with leading institutions in North America and Europe.


  • Vinnova, September 17th, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Speaker: Shelley Epstein, VP Corporate and Public Affairs
  • “Collaborative platforms for personalized health: realizing the potential of genomics and biobanks.”

“While there were multiple countries in the room, the challenges that we face are all similar in nature. It was great to hear different perspectives, and yet consensus, that disruptive technologies and collaborative ecosystems have the ability to change healthcare.”

Imagia VP of Corporate and Public Affairs, Shelley Epstein, showcased Imagia’s work across Canada with the Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP), which uses our EVIDENS technology as its backbone. Epstein presented Imagia’s infrastructure as a model for other countries, speaking to the nuances and importance of private/public collaborations. She noted the need to foster stronger connectivity with policy makers while demonstrating the value and capabilities of medicine enhanced by technology.

III. Elevate

“What is the most important thing in life? Time: time with your family, time with your friends. I was living in Europe, having just sold my company, thinking I had all the time in the world. Then I got the phone call…my father was diagnosed with cancer…and then the clock started to tick.

Imagia’s co-founder and CCO, Alexandre Le Bouthillier, took to Elevate’s Digital Transformation stage in Toronto, where he explained to how a painful personal journey turned into co-founding Imagia. Le Bouthillier spoke about watching his father navigate the long, painful, and invasive detection and treatment processes after falling ill to Cancer. This experience ignited Le Bouthillier’s desire to take on not just diagnosis but treatment. The prescription he sought? Artificial Intelligence. Le Bouthillier showed how Imagia works everyday to empower all doctors to improve patient outcomes, and reclaim time to spend with loved ones.

Watch Alexandre interviewed by Global News Toronto’s Kamil Karamli at Elevate.